Remarkable stories. Unconventional expression.
Lochlan Tangas
Toneya Tangas
Creative Production Assistant
Sharnnay Sherratt
Content Creator
Luca Francesco Zarik
Videographer & Editor
Axel Tuohy
Tom Nagy
Larissa Antunes Soares Cooper
Who we are

We are Flip Films, a film production company in Melbourne. We create unconventional films for remarkable architecture, brands, people and spaces. Stories are about making people feel something. We believe in the power of film to tell a narrative and invoke feelings like no other medium can. We take your story and overlay our unique process to create a piece that connects with your audience through powerful narrative and brave imagination. We call it ‘the magic’.

The Flip Story

Our intention is to connect people through stories. We apply our original creative process of unearthing and shaping stories to benefit the brand and commercial space. With every piece we create, we’re meticulous with every step to make sure we create the best outcome. Some call it perfectionism, we call it simply creating good work.